What is Excellence Camp?


Excellence camp is an interactive event where teachers and leaders can interact as they learn how to develop excellence in every classroom.  Led by John, Excellence Camp participants will receive strategies to become a distinguished teacher around the following concepts:


  • Skillfully using resources to create an engaging learning environment.

  • Creating routines and procedures that foster student leadership and empowerment,

  • Building the optimal relationship for learning with each student,

  • Maximizing instructional time through student engagement activities that focus on "Learning Bell to Bell",

  • Transforming Rigorous Instruction into Vigorous Learning,

  • Creating individualized interventions and empowering extensions for all kids


Participants will walk away with their very own personalized plan to immediately implement in the classroom the next day.





When and Where is the next Excellence Camp?

Excellence Camps are scheduled mostly on Saturdays during the school year and on Fridays and/or Saturdays during the summer.  If you would like to host an Excellence Camp at your school, please contact John.  Below are the Excellence Camps scheduled.



  • McAllen, TX 

  • Waco, TX 
  • Lubbock, TX 
  • Edinburg, TX 
  • McGregor, TX 



Contact John to Schedule an 

EXCELLENCE CAMP at your school




What are people saying about

Excellence in Every Classroom?

People are walking away inspired.  Here some comments that have been said by participants this summer.


  • This is the most outstanding training I have ever attended in my career.

  • It was all so good, the forms and the information in the slides made this training productive. Thank you!

  • The +1, -2 Concept was fantastic. I have seen teachers leave our district because they felt overwhelmed. We need to make this a priority in our district.

  • The ONE thing I want to go back and immediately implement is the fresh ideas for engagement activities.

  • Excellence in Every Classroom is AWESOME!  I just wish I had more time to soak up the wisdom and perspective!

  • BEST training I have ever attended.

  • Ideas for student engagement were fantastic.

  • I will do a better job helping kids developing a love for my content.

  • Looking forward to working with my team to developing consistent routines and procedures.

  • Best learning experience I've ever had.

  • Awesome ideas that I can immediately put in my class the next day.

  • Fantastic strategies to integrate technology.

  • So glad I spent my Saturday learning from you.










Excellence Camp

Leading Every Teacher to Excellence for Every Student


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